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Case Study: Proof of Delivery 
docket capture and integration 

Business Situation

In a global environment, tracking and sharing proof of delivery dockets instantly is critical part of our client’s day to day operations. Generating over 35,000 dockets, each month, across more than 75 locations nationwide, a solution was required to manage the end to end process and business integration of the proof of dockets lifecycle. Secure, online access to the dockets across the Asia Pacific region is a crucial requirement for the business and part of the required solution. 

Specifically our challenges included:

  • Processing 35,000 dockets per month
  • Enable docket retrieval to verify sales data
  • Incoming batches from over 75 locations across Australia
  • Stakeholders located across Asia Pacific
  • Batches in transit are an unknown quantity
  • Sales dockets are physically signed upon completion of delivery by customer
  • Legal requirements to store physical documents for 10 years.

Our Solution

In partnership with our client we have implemented an end to end process that follows each docket, providing immediate visibility of the docket’s delivery status and ensuing processing. The use of eforms in generating individual batch tracking IDs has enabled sites and management alike to know exactly when batches have left each site and arrived at our mailroom for processing. The dockets are scanned, index, batched and cross referenced to the eform generated ID; then uploaded to our secure, user accessible online database. Our online digital archive provides multi-point, immediate access to over 1,000,000 individual dockets.

Services delivered include

Key Benefits

Company staff can access dockets from wherever they are in Australia and Asia. Storage costs are reduced, and compliance requirements for audit are simple and efficient.

  • Batch tracking via E form batch header, providing instant transparency to 
  • Batch status and alerting key people when designated at a pre-set 2 & 3 week interval
  • Secure & immediate access for unlimited users to an online library of 1,000,000 dockets
  • All dockets are accessible by staff located across Australia, Asia and external audit teams
  • Removes onsite storage requirements
  • All dockets are sent directly to our mail room from each site, removing any requirement for  staff from head office to be spend time repacking and transferring dockets


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