Process Automation

Micro Image can transform your operations with intelligent automation software.

Streamline your workflow with Process Automation

Micro Image’s document automation solutions can optimise your operation for improved efficiency. Our intelligent automation software sorts, stores and integrates data with your current EDMS or provides your team with access through our secure cloud-based platform.

Our proprietary software has been developed in-house to deliver enterprise grade document management, business analytics and file sharing solutions. Each deployment is configured to securely store and share your documents using the validated data to deliver custom analytics and valuable insights for your business.

Invoice Processing

Micro Image can automate the processing of paper and electronic invoices, tailored to your business rules, validation requirements and approval processes.

Our intelligent capture software efficiently and accurately extracts information and migrated data is checked to then deliver a single source of truth that your team can rely on – via a real-time dashboard. Beyond the capture of key invoice data, we provide integration with your existing ERP systems for valuable insights and workflow analysis. Our experience provides you with a solution that eliminates manual data entry, dramatically reduces cost-per-invoice processing and removes duplicate or double handling of invoices.

Automated daily reports give you immediate access to the workflow trail of each invoice received, and can fast-track payment processing to take advantage of supplier discounts. Validation rules ensure that bank account details are checked at an invoice level to stop and flag fraudulent invoices.

Accounts Receivable

Our inbound mailroom services continue to provide for the processing of physical cheques. Process payments and cheques with scanning and data capture software to remove human error and save time on manual data entry. We bank cheques the day they are received, automatically capture and upload remittance advice to your team, and immediately confirm accounts as paid.

Accounts Payable

Remove the time-consuming process of invoice data entry with accounts payable automation. This can automate the processing of both paper-based and electronic invoices tailored to your exact business rules, validation requirements and approval processes. Centralising the process for Accounts Payable helps your team to consolidate critical information, enabling a higher level of trust in the downstream analytics. Save time on manual data entry with lower cost-per-invoice processing, eliminate duplicate or double handling and fast-track payment processing to take advantage of discounts.

Claims Processing

Process, classify and submit electronic and paper claims instantly with our automated solution. Our data capture technology can read, validate and progress the claim into the review process, where a secure cloud hosted workflow immediately notifies each required person for action at each stage.

Claim data is securely transferred to your ERP system or cloud-based platform to eliminate unnecessary handling. Any claims that don’t meet validation requirements will be flagged. By speeding up your claims processing with a tailored automated solution, you’ll save time while reliably meeting the needs of your clients and customers. We provide our clients with a high level of transparency for the status of documents, enabling immediate audits to be performed on all facets of your process.

Proof of Delivery

Micro Image’s automated Proof of Delivery process enables you to integrate your Proof of Delivery documents into a single cloud-based platform for easy access, instant insights and faster processing. You’ll save time with no manual handling or data entry, while paper-based confirmations are entered in the system faster so you can invoice sooner. Less handling means less chance of delivery slips getting lost or damaged. A central cloud-based platform gives you access to paper, electronic and courier fed delivery confirmations from any device at any time. Having a company-wide trusted solution for POD receipt frees up your team to focus on dealing with customers. Signed POD’s are immediately accessible from any web based device to ensure that proof of delivery is valid for invoicing support.

Discover Process Automation solutions with Micro Image.

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