Micro Image has over 40 years experience in digitising government projects, big and small.

Approved by the Australian Government

Micro Image is a National Archives Australia (NAA) selected panel member.

As a trusted provider of professional digitisation and document management services, we undertake major projects for all levels of government and official and historical organisations. Our digitisation and data capture procedures have been developed to ensure complete compliance with state and federal standards.

Variable document types are digitised and indexed daily, enabling searchability and the remote or shared access of records and data. This makes it easy to locate information using keyword search but keeps documentation secure through controlled user access permissions. For historical documents, we use best-practice preservation techniques and advanced digitisation technology.

Meeting the State Standards

All digitisation at Micro Image meets state and federal government specifications.

We’ve assisted a range of local, state and federal government departments with high volume document scanning, archive conversion, data capture, document management, mailroom management and document storage.

Each state and territory government in Australia has a set of standards and guidelines for the handling and digitisation of information.

In Victoria for example, government agencies must conform to requirements specified in:

  • PROS 19/07 Converted or Digitised Records RD
  • PROS 19/05 S3 Long Term Sustainable Formats Specification
  • PROS 19/05 S2 Minimum Metadata Requirements Specification 

Micro Image can help to scope projects and work with you to complete a Digitisation Plan. A Digitisation Plan (based on a single set of digitisation requirements as outlined by PROV) is now required for Victorian agencies to support best practice in digitisation.

State Library of Victoria Panel Member

Micro Image has been officially appointed to the digitisation panel for the State Library of Victoria.

We’re incredibly proud to be working with this nationally regarded institution for the pursuit and preservation of knowledge.  In order to meet growing demand for online access, especially newspapers, the library has introduced a priority program to digitise its entire collection. Thousands of editions of newspapers are still to be made available to the public. You can donate to the program here.

State Library Victoria Panel Member

Useful Links

Micro Image has worked with government organisations across Australia.

We have delivered digitisation transformation solutions to Canberra, Brisbane, Sydney and Melbourne. The following links will help you find information regarding varying digitisation guidelines for state governments.

For more information on the tools and requirements for Victorian government see

In New South Wales, State Archives and Records provides comprehensive guidelines on how to approach digitisation projects. See to learn more. The State Records Act 1988 outlines the standards for digitisation for New South Wales.

There will be additional relevant state legislation relating to digital records, depending on how and where they may be used.  Examples include state legislation such as Electronic Transactions Act 2000 (NSW) and Commonwealth legislation such as Archives Act 1983.  

Federal government digitisation standards, advice on information management and agency-specific records authorities can be found at National Archives of Australia (NAA).

Need more?

You can find additional information regarding guidelines for your state on the following sites:


New South Wales

Northern Territory


South Australia



Western Australia

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