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At Micro Image we’re about helping businesses work better. We enable your people to improve the way they share, manage and access information.

About Micro Image

Founded in 1978, Micro Image began as a specialist imaging bureau. Over the past 40 years, the business has grown to be a national provider of digitisation and data capture solutions. Our secure facility is equipped with high speed, bulk and advanced scanning equipment to digitise high volumes of data affordably and efficiently. We have expert operators trained in the correct handling of business critical documents as well as sensitive, confidential and significant records.

As a National Archives of Australia (NAA) appointed panel member to the Federal Government for the digitisation of paper and printed material, we’re trusted at every level of government to accurately reproduce, store and deliver sensitive information and documents of national significance. We’ve worked with national libraries, museums, education institutions and historical organisations to help them preserve and share their heritage.

As a trusted business process automation solutions provider, we help corporations and businesses completely streamline their document processing and management systems. Using intelligent recognition software preset with identification algorithms, we can help you extract, index and integrate information for faster processing. Our services extend to inbound mailroom management, digital and physical document storage, on-site scanning and document collection.


What we do


Digitise paper documents and records, reduce storage costs and improve access to important information – whether it’s a box, filing cabinet or rooms of documents.


Clever indexing and cloud based document management solutions allow you to manage, store and access data and information quickly and easily.


Workflow automation solutions transform the way you work – automating processes, reducing manual labour and improving overall efficiency and transparency.


Preserve precious and irreplaceable documents, books, images, maps, drawings and bound documents forever, with specialist, non-destructive scanning equipment.

So Why Us

  • Agile and responsive

    We’re small enough to be accessible, flexible, responsive and agile, but big enough to count on and deliver outstanding results for projects big and small.

  • Attention to detail

    A considered and pragmatic approach with exacting standards and intense attention to detail has earnt us a reputation for delivering solutions with visible results.

  • At the forefront

    Decades of experience, a specialist team, the world’s best technology and an unrelenting client focus has allowed us to remain at the forefront of the industry.

  • Outcomes focussed

    Being focussed on creating valuable business outcomes sets up apart. We’re about adding value and improving accuracy, efficiency and transparency.

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