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Large Format Scanning Services

Capture every detail on your maps, drawings and technical plans.

Micro Image offers high resolution large format scans – up to 110mm width – AO plus size! Now is a great time to digitise your large format paper plans, drawings and maps with Micro Image.

Convert your maps and plans to digital files via large format scanning

When it comes to managing your large format paper documents such as geographical maps, engineering blue prints or other oversized documents, you need accuracy, quality and efficiency. Micro Image offers their expert, affordable, large format scanning service based in Melbourne across the whole of Australia.

Priding ourselves on delivering the best results, our Melbourne-based team will transform your plans, maps and drawings into digital files – we utilise state of the art scanning equipment that handles up to A0 in width and approximately 2 meters in length.

Typical large format scanning projects include:

  • CAD Plans 
  • Engineering Drawings
  • Maps and GIS scanning
  • Planning Applications
  • Blueprints
  • Legal Submissions
  • Environmental Reports
  • Oversized documents
  • Templates
  • Scanning up to 15mm in thickness

Access your work wherever you go with our large format scanning service

Micro Image’s advanced scanning technology makes access and storage of large format work simple. Archive and access your oversized documents easily and efficiently thanks to our expert large format scanning services.

Based in Melbourne and delivering services across Australia, contact Micro Image today for more information on how our large format scanning can enhance your business operation