Large Format Scanning

High quality large format and oversized scanning options to capture and digitise your document.

Capture Every Detail

Micro Image is one of few scanning bureaus to offer high quality affordable large format, oversized and drawing scanning in Australia.

Delivering extremely high-resolution images, we can capture every detail on your maps, drawings and technical plans.

Using flatbed and overhead camera technology, our specialist large format scanners can scan up to 2 metres in length and 15mm in thickness. Digitising your large formats will ensure future preservation as well as give you the convenience of easily accessible files. Your digitised images can be delivered in the format of your choice or we can host them on our cloud-based service.

Micro Image has digitised major collections of huge format documents for local and state government, roads authorities, electricity distributors and engineering firms.

CAD Plans
Engineering Drawings
Maps and GIS scanning
Planning Applications
Legal Submissions
Environmental Reports
Oversized Documents
Scanning up to 15mm in thickness

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