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Data Capture Services Based in Melbourne

Offering electronic data capture management in Melbourne and across Australia

Micro Image is a Melbourne company that utilises leading software technologies and manual data entry to create index records for your digital files with electronic data capture across Australia. Our accurate and efficient indexing processes enable fast search and retrieval of your converted documents and images, helping to streamline your business processes.

We capture data from a wide range of input formats including paper, fax, advanced forms, digitally transferred files and email. Our data capture services utilise the latest in OCR (Optical Character Recognition) and ICR (Intelligent Character Recognition) for accurate digital conversion to provide customers with high level metadata, enabling advanced data and records management.

Advanced data capture management services for clients big and small

Micro Image can help minimise paper intensive processes in your organisation by automating image and data capture services. Images and data can then be routed directly via secure transmission to a key recipient or placed into workflows for approvals and processing.

By automating the data capture process and transforming your documents into digital files, we can help you optimise your business processes. You can improve transaction speed and accuracy, create easy access to information and reduce the need for manual processing.

Join some of the most successful businesses in Australia with our electronic data capture

We provide data capture services for some of Australia’s largest corporations in a wide range of business processes – including accounts payable, inbound mailroom, remittance and forms processing.

At Micro Image, we pride ourselves on being able to meet the exact needs of each client. We are able to customise electronic data capture services to your specific business requirements, no matter how large or small.

Contact Micro Image to learn how our advanced data capture management can improve the efficiency of your business process and any other information on secure document management.