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Case Study: Invoice scanning for
accounts payable automation

Business Situation

To automate and streamline the accounts payable process for the Asia Pacific region, our client turned to us for much more than just invoice scanning. Underlying the complexity of the situation, inbound invoices are generated by suppliers across the globe in a multitude of currencies, for separate business entities within the one group. 

Specifically our challenges included:

  • Cross business vendors and multiple Asia Pacific offices producing up to 20,000 invoices and related documents monthly for processing
  • Dual Accounting Systems
  • An inbound mail system to accommodate multiple options for vendors: e-invoices via email, Australia Post Locked Bags and couriers
  • Providing visibility for work flowed invoices to suppliers and internal regional departments
  • Vendor Invoices, Freight Consignment Notes, miscellaneous documentation.

Our Solution

Micro Image collects and processes all inbound mail on a daily basis. This includes vendor invoices – over a thousand every day. Our solution was required to cater for traditional paper based invoices plus e-invoices for a variety of cost centres and geographic regions.  The invoices are scanned and key data extracted, enabling the invoices to be checked (for duplicates and irregularities) and uploaded to the client for integration via a secure FTP site.

Services delivered include

Key Benefits

The Micro Image accounts payable solution has streamlined the workflow of the accounts departments across the region – by routing the right invoices to the right person in the fastest time possible. In addition, the company has extended our partnership to include trade spend and accounts receivable solutions.

  • Same day integration of vendor invoices
  • Lower cost per invoice to process
  • Reduction in Storage Costs
  • Removing duplicate invoices removes the need for AP team double entry and potential duplicated payments
  • Exception management for  incomplete or incorrect invoices
  • Allows for accepting discounts as a result of improved process cycle times
  • Improvement in vendor & internal relationship issues due to lost invoices or late payments
  • Ability to redeploy staff
  • Email acknowledgement reports provide immediate transparency for individual document workflows


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