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Case Studies

Invoice scanning for accounts payable automation 

To automate and streamline the accounts payable process for the Asia Pacific region, our client turned to us for much more than just invoice scanning. Underlying the complexity of the situation, inbound invoices are generated by suppliers across the globe in a multitude of currencies, for separate business entities within the one group. 

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Proof of Delivery docket capture and integration  

In a global environment, tracking and sharing proof of delivery dockets instantly is a critical part of our client’s day to day operations. Generating over 35,000 dockets, each month, across more than 75 locations nationwide, a solution was required to manage the inbound processing and business integration of the dockets life-cycle. Secure, online access to the Proof of Delivery dockets across the Asia Pacific region is a crucial requirement for the business and part of the required solution.

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Transitioning to digital medical records

Faced with a reduction in the space available to store medical records, a practice of five doctors knew there was a better way to ‘treat’ their paper problem. With doctors working across several locations, having the medical records available immediately had become a priority. They turned to Micro Image for the transition to a paperless office.

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A city council in Melbourne’s north

Customer challenge
Some records need to be kept for a very long time. Council land rates records are one example. Dating back up to 60 years, this paper archive needed to be moved when the council moved offices. Due to space limitations, the council decided to have it digitised.

The rate cards needed special care as they contained important historic information, most handwritten and some in very faint pencil. Micro Image used state of the art scanning equipment and quality control procedures to ensure that the electronic files captured all the information.

Creating a digital database of their property rate cards has not only helped this council with its storage issue. It has enabled fast, shared access to these important documents and ensured these vital records are protected forever.