RIMPA IQ Article: National Archives Hub

Micro Image was featured recently in RIMPA IQ magazine in an article by the National Archives of Australia. Here is a copy of the article reproduced with permission.

National Archives of Australia Update: Digitisation Hub

National Archives of Australia has just celebrated the first year of a highly productive partnership with Micro Image at its new Digitisation Hub in Canberra.

The Digitisation Hub forms part of the National Archives’ Defend the Past, Protect the Future program’. On 1 July 2021 the Australian Government announced an extra $67.7 million over 4 years for National Archives to boost its critical functions. Under this program digital preservation of critical at-risk collection material is taking place, including at the Digitisation Hub.
Following a tender process, Micro Image began operations at the Digitisation Hub in January 2022 accelerating National Archives’ ability to preserve fragile and significant paper records through digitisation.

This partnership with a commercial provider operating on the National Archives’ premises is a cost-effective way of digitising large volumes of collection items. The unique leasing arrangement also enables Micro Image to undertake its own sourced projects at the hub, for either government or private clients, further increasing industry capability within the region.

Working to National Archives Preservation Digitisation Standards, the Digitisation Hub is equipped to digitise a full range of paper records from files to bound volumes and large format maps, plans and posters. As project requirements change, the hub can also scale up-to suit. This includes the potential to digitise photographic material.

Over the last year, the hub has digitised significant at-risk collections with an emphasis on records from National Archives’ offices in South Australia and Tasmania. Many of these records are pre-Federation or early twentieth century. Highlights include petitions of patents, colonial-era building maps and plans, lighthouse logbooks and early meteorological records.

Many of these records have not been easily accessible by the public due to size, fragility or location. With the increased capability provided by the Digitisation Hub, National Archives is able to extend the reach of the national collection through digital access while preserving these records for future generations.

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