5 Ways Digitisation Can Support Your Pivoting Business

To stay afloat in this exhausting climate, most businesses have had to shift and adapt their systems to completely new ways of working. If you’ve had to change your operation to an online-based model, digitisation services can support your pivoting business with clever solutions that will optimise your processes and cut your costs. While initially, many businesses thought that alternative working arrangements would be a temporary challenge, it is clear that hybrid and online office environments are here to stay. Here are 5 ways digitisation and data capture services can continue to help your business thrive in a changing work environment.

1. Data Security 

Now that teams are accessing document management systems (DMS) and electronic record management (ERMS) from their own devices at home and remote working locations, security is of extra concern. As office devices can be monitored and maintained by IT staff, controlling access on personal or remotely operated devices can be a logistical challenge. Digitisation and data protection solutions can specify who can access the data. Different permission levels can be set so management can control who can log in or out of systems and what types of data they can view or edit. This can all be configured remotely for absolute system control and real-time authorisation updates.

2. Hybrid Technology

Central data access is key to aligned collaboration with teams working remotely. While IT services have been busy working to implement cloud migrations for operations across the country, Micro Image can assist you in creating a secure document management system. These highly customised enterprise-grade solutions enable hybrid access, allowing your teams to store and share files from any location at any time. Each system can be set up for easy keyword search access, data collection and business analytics.

3. Lower Rent 

As employees opt to continue working from home, many businesses have chosen to downsize their physical space or become an exclusively online operation. This pivoting to a virtual working environment has also meant a consolidation or clearing out of physical assets. This is where digitisation can save you some serious space. Any physical files in varied formats can be converted into a digital and completely searchable filing system. Even if you have a legal requirement to keep certain documents, Micro Image is able to capture and retain the data in order to meet legal compliance requirements. This will free up space from any physical storage.

4. Mail Sorting 

If you’re no longer working together at a central location, but still have paper mail delivered for processing, get Micro Image to process it for you. By outsourcing your paper mail sorting, you don’t have to worry about your departments being scattered in different locations. You can also nominate email accounts that you would like managed externally. This service is of particular benefit for high volume submissions to generic department addresses.  Using intelligent recognition software, each document is captured and redirected. This technology recognises and read attachments such as invoices, forms and other official documents to be flagged and processed by the relevant parties. By using the Micro Image mailroom team, you can rely on your data being processed promptly for rapid accessibility.

5. Cost Cutting

If you have a high influx of documents that need a major digitisation migration, outsourcing will be kind to your bottom line. Micro Image has experienced staff members who can sort and scan information in a timely turnaround. This saves the need to hire or reassign your current staff to time-consuming data processing tasks. An audit of your current document management system can also identify opportunities for optimisation and improved efficiencies across your organisation. We continue to invest in the latest scanning and automation technology so you don’t have to. 

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