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There are scanning services, then there are government-approved digitisation providers. Official records and archives are integral to the preservation of national history, not to mention the accurate administration of public services such as councils and governments.

If you’re searching for a digitisation provider you can trust with your government project, the hard work has already been done for you. The National Archives of Australia has put together a panel of approved suppliers for federal agencies to utilise so with Micro Image, you can make sure you have a trustworthy team on board.

As digitisation and data capture experts, we never underestimate the importance of accurately capturing paper documents to preserve their integrity and greatly increase their accessibility. 

If you choose an experienced and reputable scanning provider like Micro Image, you are assured best practice principles in document processing to comply with State and Federal record keeping and digitisation guidelines. This ensures absolute document protection and no loss of data due to staff error or misfiling.

Different states, different standards 

Each state and territory government in Australia has a set of standards and guidelines for the handling and digitisation of information. There will be additional relevant state legislation relating to digital records, depending on how and where they may be used. Examples include state legislation such as Electronic Transactions Act 2000 (NSW) and Commonwealth legislation such as Archives Act 1983. All digitisation at Micro Image meets state and federal government specifications. Find out more about state legislation here.

Preserving the past

Digitisation insures documents against disasters such as fire or flood, or human errors such as misplacement or accidental disposal. Fragile documents, books and archives should be handled with care and ideally, as minimally as possible to preserve their condition. Digitising fragile documents so they can be viewed on screens rather than physically handled reduces the risk of damage and extra wear and tear.

Given the importance and fragility of some government documents, digitisation also offers immunity against ageing and degradation. Read more about our government digitisation projects.

Public Access

Archives and public records can hold great significance for people, especially when it comes to historical and ancestral exploration. Document scanning offers a solution for ongoing preservation along with a secure backup of data. This ensures important documents and relative information is available for future generations. Archives and historical collections are often sizeable, spanning hundreds of metres of storage facilities. Naturally, it can take time to manually search and locate the information required. Digitisation and indexing of the files into a searchable database enables instantaneous accessibility for everyone.

Maximum Security

There can be compliance implications and repercussions if important records or documents are lost. Physical documents can also potentially be stolen. A secure digital file can be assigned user access permissions for added security. A trusted digitisation provider will also be highly experienced in secure document transport including the safe return of files in their original condition.

Trust Micro Image

As a National Archives of Australia selected panel member and trusted provider of professional digitisation and document management services, we undertake major projects for all levels of government and historical organisations. To find out more, contact us or call us on 03 9427 7958.

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