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Medical Records Scanning Service 

Convert your files for immediate benefits

Micro Image create cost effective, tailored solutions for medical and allied health practices that allow you to safely convert your paper records to a secure electronic format for easy, reliable access. We have extensive experience digitising patient records for both large hospitals and smaller local practices, providing outcomes that give you increased efficiency and enhanced care delivery.

We provide the following services for our healthcare clients;

  • Document collection
  • Medical Record scanning
  • X-ray scanning
  • Index individual patient’s name and DOB
  • Integration into practice record management software
  • Secure online patient record management and access
  • Overnight processing and ‘rush-pull’ scanning to ensure your patient files are always at hand
  • Secure document destruction

A quick glance at the benefits;

  • Immediate access to patient records
  • Improved information flow
  • Significant administrative cost reductions
  • Turn costly storage space into an extra practice office
  • Access patient records from any practice location or remotely
  • High quality scanned files in a format suitable to your specific ERM software
  • EMRS integration and improved compliance

We can integrate scanned files into your ERMS or ask about our highly customisable and cost effective ERMS solution.

Outsource your medical record scanning and integration – a case study