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Industry Solutions

With over 35 years experience, Micro Image has worked in most industry sectors on projects both big and small. Because we deliver a range of effective and bespoke industry outsourcing solutions, we are able to provide scanning and document management solutions for all types of organisations.

In addition to our broad experience there are core skills we have developed for the following industries in implementing outsourced document management solutions.


Micro Image create cost effective, tailored solutions for medical and allied health practices that allow you to safely convert your paper records to a secure digital format for easy, reliable access. We have extensive experience digitising patient records for both large hospitals and smaller local practices, providing outcomes that result in increased efficiency and enhanced care delivery. Enquire today to discuss how digitising your records might help your organisation.

Financial Services

At Micro Image we provide secure solutions tailored for the financial sector. Improve your staff efficiency, streamline your workflow and cut down on the amount of time spent managing paper. Our advanced document management systems enable you to store, share, search and access documents easily and safely. From member records, contracts and financial data, we can tailor a system to suit your organisation, making compliance easier and improving your paper based processes. Back scanning your financial records to create a digital archive is a speciality. 


Each year Micro Image processes invoices, purchase orders, employee records and contracts for some of Australia’s largest manufacturers and food/beverage producers. From inbound mail and managing the accounts payable business process, our solutions provide a tailored secure and effective system for fast, accurate and efficient processing of financial data. Let us show you how our outsourced digital conversion can benefit your bottom line, department efficiencies and overall service delivery.


For local government, state and federal government departments and authorities, Micro Image offer effective document management solutions and an exceptional level of quality and service. Bulk and large volume back-scanning projects are a speciality. We can assist your organisation to protect your records, streamline your archiving process and make regulatory compliance easier. Using our EDM system or yours – we can help make sharing, searching and securing your data a breeze.

Resources and petroleum

Micro Image has over two decades experience within the petroleum industry, centralising and digitising the daily delivery data for one of the world’s largest oil companies. Our secure data transfer, advanced indexing, E-form batch handling, validation and physical document management services help our clients to streamline workflows and provide a compliant and safe data platform. Call us to discuss how these processes can improve efficiencies at your organisation.


Scanning and converting paper records to digital isn’t just for big corporates. Small and medium size organisations can also gain cost and productivity benefits from digital records management. You can reduce the cost of storage and the time spent managing paper documents; and enable the secure digital storage of your financial and other critical records. Imagine easy access to the documents you need, from wherever you are. For a fast, affordable and time effective solution – talk to Micro Image.

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