How The Cloud Can Connect Your team

Welcome to a new era of remote possibilities with cloud connectivity. The pandemic has necessitated the rapid development of effective team networking solutions, especially as fewer workers are inclined to return to the office full time. Employers are seeing a sharp rise in incumbents and existing employees wanting to negotiate a percentage of their week working from home. This ongoing trend has been awarded the term ‘hybrid working’. Localised servers are becoming more obsolete as organisations switch to cloud-based EDMS, but this is just the start of how the cloud can better connect your team.

Flexible Collaboration

The cloud is a genuine advancement in the way we store and share data in real-time. Cloud-based EDMS allow teams to work collectively and more productively. Sometimes, remote employees can feel like they aren’t getting the same opportunities for input or that they are working in an isolated silo. Cloud collaboration tools can solve this issue by offering every employee access to the same projects, documents and worksheets. Given the rise of remote collaboration and, as a direct result, the advancement of remote office tools, team members now enjoy the convenience of being able to contribute and complete tasks outside of traditional office hours as needed.

Share Larger Files Easily

You can say goodbye to hefty internal email attachments bouncing back, or email files taking large amounts of time to download. As traditional email servers can’t handle documents much bigger than several MB, employees have traditionally had to share files via FTP or use third-party filesharing freeware. If everyone on your team has internet access, there is no need to send files manually. Your organisation will also save more time by avoiding delays in uploads and downloads.

No Team Downtime During Updates

“Can everyone jump off the server for a while?” This is the sort of interruption you can do without, and better yet, no longer have to worry about when you switch to cloud-based teamwork. Cloud-based applications automatically refresh and update themselves, and are usually scheduled to do so when the least amount of people are actively using the system i.e. overnight. This benefit is a major contributor to increased productivity as a direct result of improved business continuity.

Consistency of Quality

When you switch to a cloud-based EDMS, all of the data your team needs is in one central and accessible location. Because everyone is accessing exactly the same information, this will help your team maintain consistency in data as well as offering a clear record of any revisions or updates. Conversely, managing information in separate, server-based folders can lead to team members accidentally saving multiple or different versions of documents – this can cause confusion and misinformation.

More Mobility

Through the cloud, team members enjoy the convenience of global accessibility. Working from home is one thing, but being able to cite, review and approve a document 10,000 kilometres from home is one of the major benefits of cloud-based teamwork. Information can be securely shared and instantaneously with freelance employees, sales staff on the move and employees based in remote locations. Smartphone access enables improved shareability no matter where your team members have to work from.

No Loss of Data

If your team members are working on local files, there is always a chance the work could be lost due to system outage, data breaches, server malfunctions or data loss. Cloud-based work uses an auto-save function and files remain intact regardless of local system outages, server backup failures or computer crashes. No matter what documents your teams are working on, they can log back in anytime, from any location, and pick up where they left off.

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