Document Management Services – Big Businesses Enjoying Big Benefits

In today’s digital landscape, digitisation has become a trending term when it comes to business efficiency. Big businesses who are taking the plunge and embracing digital document management are enjoying significantly big benefits in more ways than they had expected. What began as a way to save space, has now become a business tool to maximise efficiency, future-proof information and improve a business’ social image. In this article, we’ll explore all the most significant benefits to digital Document Management Services for a business, including a few real examples of businesses who are working better than ever before. 

Overcoming old methods 

Most large businesses who are yet to make use of electronic document storage are experiencing similar challenges. If your business is falling victim to the issues below, then electronic document storage is the perfect solution – 

Lack of space

Big businesses require a large quantity of documentation, which takes up a significant amount of space. This is space that a business is paying for every month, that they could be putting to much better use. 

Unprotected documents

Safeguarding that amount of sensitive information is exceedingly difficult, especially when the documents are stored at several locations. Safeguarding this information extends to physically protecting it from deterioration over time, as well as water and fire damage as well. 

Limited access to information

Another issue these businesses are having is access to the information. This is not just a challenge for staff members who are wasting precious business hours wading through documents to access information. 

Slow service

For businesses that serve the public with information, streamlining that access is essential. The public have become accustomed to receiving the information they require, quickly and easily. Anything short of that is going to make a business seem outdated, which is going to affect their public image. In most cases, the public will look for the same information somewhere else, resulting in a loss of potential income. 

Environmentally irresponsible 

Digitising your business’ documents is a massive contributor to environmental sustainability, a point that most of the public feel very strongly about today. Large businesses who make use of a significant amount of paper may be seen to be failing to do their part in sustainability. This issue is becoming more and more of a reality, as the country aims for zero emissions, and one can expect that more pressure will be applied to larger businesses to operate more efficiently. 


A bright future for big businesses

Digitising documents has proven itself to be way more than a process, but a tool to increase a business’ efficiency and ultimately improve their bottom line. The bigger your business, the bigger the benefits digital document management services will yield. Below, we’ll explore the immediate benefits of digitisation for big businesses, including a few examples of how large entities like The Government of Victoria’s Department of Treasury and Finance have been able to take their business to the next level using processes like document digitisation among others.

Save on space and money 

Potentially the most immediate benefit of digital document management services is the space it saves a business. Larger businesses will find that they have freed up a significant amount of space, which they can then utilise more efficiently. They also have the option to consolidate the space they occupy and save a significant amount of money on rent.   


Allowing employees and customers to access information digitally instead of through paper-based systems will immediately improve the way a business is perceived. Apart from the fact that a business’ information will be more organised and much easier to access from anywhere, that business will have cemented themselves as future-proof, and one that can be seen to be keeping up with the pace of the new, primarily digital world. This is going to make your business more attractive to join as an employee, and to do business with as a customer.  

Quicker service delivery 

The internet has meant that the public has access to any information they want, and they can get it quickly. For big businesses, there’s no other option than to keep up with that pace. Having a digital Document Management system means that your employees and customers have immediate access to anything they need, wherever they may be located. This places you at the forefront of the customer journey, as a business who delivers – meaning that potential customers are way more likely to choose to do business with you.

Improved social image 

Businesses who have prioritised their social responsibility and really prioritising how their business is perceived by the public. Sustainability efforts have gone from being a nice-to-have, to a large part of the decision-making process of whether someone chooses to become a customer of a certain business. As environmental issues become more and more of a global conversation, the businesses who are onboard are more favourable not just to potential customers, but to potential employees as well.      


Enjoying big benefits 

Here are two examples of big businesses thriving because of their document management services systems.  

The Government of Victoria’s Department of Treasury and Finance required their construction and building records archives to be digitised and indexed for easy access and search-ability. Micro Image delivered a multi-faceted solution including:

  • Secure packing and transport of files
  • Fast and accurate digitisation of 12,000 records
  • Creation of metadata – indexed categorisation of records 
  • Delivery of high-resolution, indexed and checked digital images on hard drive
  • Reinstatement and delivery of physical records

The Government of Victoria’s Department of Treasury and Finance were able to access every file instantly, and every document was scanned to the PROV digitisation requirements specification.   

The Victorian Commission for Gambling and Liquor Regulation has worked with Micro Image for over 10 years, managing their licensing application paperwork. Below is an overview of our service:

  • Scans and uploads their digital files weekly. 
  • All files are barcoded and registered for transport.
  • Records are digitised with full OCR, classified and sorted.
  • Custom scanning rules by document type are applied.
  • Large premise plans are scanned and inserted into each record.
  • All records are quality checked to ensure files are complete.

Stepping into your future 

Step into the future of efficient operations, quicker service delivery and an improved social image for your business. Let Micro Image’s electronic document management services will addresses your unique needs, ensuring that your transition to digital is smooth, secure, and strategically sound. Schedule a complimentary consultation with one of our solutions specialists today. 

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