Bulk Up Your Resources With Bulk Scanning

It’s cold and dark in the store room. Possibly damp. But, if you need to reference information held in paper archives or records, you might not have a choice. Or you could choose to bulk scan your complete document collection and instantly search for the information you need.

Whether you have a room full of archives or you’re wanting to go paperless, high speed scanners can make short work of high volumes. Bulk scanning is a highly cost-effective method of digitising vast amounts of physical documentation, but the benefits don’t end there. Combined with data capture, bulk scanning can help your business integrate, transfer and store data and images into over 50 different content and document management systems. This can put both old and new information at your fingertips, back up your data and help your business achieve a sustainable, paperless environment.

Go Truly Paperless

No one likes paper cuts. Turning your business into a paperless operation isn’t just an exercise in being eco-conscious, it’s the smarter way to access all of your available data. If you’ve been in business for a long time, you’re likely to have a large collection of physical documents that, due to storage limitations, could be inconvenient to access. 

Outsourcing your bulk scanning to a facility with dedicated high speed bulk scanners can digitise your paper documents in a fraction of the time it would take a staff member on the office scanner. While you may have had a plan for a truly paperless office sometime in the future, bulk scanning can expedite this process.

A paperless office has multiple benefits for your bottom line, including helping you save a fortune on paper, printing, staples and paper clips. You’ll reduce your waste disposal and enjoy a tidier office with less clutter. It’s even been proven that an environmentally friendly office can boost staff morale.

Save Time & Space

Have you used the office scanner lately? By the time you’ve loaded the documents and set the recipient details, you’re a good few minutes down. Wouldn’t it make more sense to outsource to a bulk scanning facility that can scan 120 documents per minute? Bulk scanning not only converts your documents to digital format, but indexes your data using algorithms that can sort by name, date, value, keyword, number or other metadata. 

Digital files can then be supplied in the format of your choice so you and your team members have searchable access to the data they need.

Bulk scanning can be used for a range of document types:

  • Invoices
  • Claims
  • Applications
  • Patient Records
  • Legal Files
  • Incoming mail
  • Purchase Orders
  • Receipts
  • Tracking Slips
  • Archives

While time spent filing, organising and searching for paper documents can be an inefficient use of staff time, mountains of paper records can be a waste of office space. Large collections of paper documents take up room in square meterage – this is space that could be used to house more staff or useful equipment. This is yet another way digitising your documents could actually improve productivity and be of value to your business.

Integrate & Collaborate

Digitisation is just the beginning. When bulk collections of documents are scanned, all of your documents can be kept in one access portal. Intelligent and secure scanning technology can not only extract the data, but integrate the information with your current EDMs. Your bulk scanning provider can also assist you with cloud-based hosting solutions with access available from multiple devices. This allows your team to seamlessly share and manage data across departments. 

This is an incredibly useful tool for distributed workforces who may need access to documentation when working remotely. Document digitisation can also improve security, with clever software solutions allowing you to manage users. Your document management provider can also offer secure paper document destruction after the scanning process for improved confidentiality.

Backup Your Data

There’s a saying that the faintest ink is stronger than the sharpest memory. At Micro Image we have another saying: Digital is Forever. According to The Paperless Project, large organisations lose a document every twelve seconds, costing companies between $350 to $700 a piece to recover. Digitising current paper documents or archives not only protects them from loss, but potential damage from degradation or disaster such as fire or water. 

You can also rest assured your documents are safely on file for future reference and therefore meet any necessary business tax or legal compliance guidelines.

An experienced and reputable bulk scanning provider will follow best practice principles in document processing to comply with all State and Federal record keeping and digitisation guidelines. This ensures absolute document protection and no loss of data due to staff error or misfiling. If you still need to keep your paper documents after digitisation, ask your document management services provider about cost-effective storage options.

Digitise with Micro Image

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