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Case Study:
Transitioning to digital medical records

Business Situation

Faced with a reduction in the space available to store medical records, a practice of five doctors knew there was a better way to ‘treat’ their paper problem. With doctors working across several locations, having the medical records available immediately had become a priority. They turned to Micro Image for the transition to a paperless office. 

Specifically our challenges included:

  • 270,000 pages of medical records to be scanned and indexed
  • Provide ‘on demand’ access to individual patient files during the scanning process
  • Removing and filing of medical records from the practice’s onsite storage
  • Staged approached to cater for individual doctor’s patient.

Our Solution

Micro Image managed everything – a personal secure pick-up of the files, preparation, scanning and indexing – as well as familiarising the staff with the new software and organising secure destruction of the files as required. A key element was to understand our client’s requirements prior to starting the project. Recording the patient name range for each packed document box enabled quick access for an ‘on demand’ transfer from paper to digital.

Services delivered include

Key Benefits

The practice gained an easy to use, secure system for accessing and storing digital medical records. They can now access records quickly, and also remotely – such as on home visits. Not only did they improve their efficiency in records management, but they were also able to convert the space previously used for storage into an additional treatment room.

  • Immediate cross practice access to patient files
  • File compatibility enabled scanned medical records to be upload to practice record management system
  • Removal of filing cabinets and storage boxes
  • No more misfiled physical records
  • Secure digital storage of records
  • EMR compatible files for online efficiency


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